Oyetty. Delicious ready meals made with love.

Authentic African food made using the finest ingredients. Sumptuous and irresistibly delicious Tasty Ready Meals. 

Story progression

Branding & Visual Identity · Digital and Print Solutions · Packaging Systems

Oyetty had a mission; to serve the African food lovers and introduce African food to a wider market with distinction.

Along came AdeOla with a branding proposition. Using the rustic theme, with dark colours pays homage to traditional African cooking methods of charcoal, wood, stoves and the big black and silver Potjie pots (endearingly known as ‘Adogan’). This served as the perfect base to overlay a very clean and modern aesthetic starting from the logo crafting, the choice of font, the design of the packaging solution and the digital platforms.

Function & Evolution

The careful fuse of a rustic theme with simplicity and modernity, giving an awesome and eclectic result.


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