Pride of Africa Product Range

The food industry is a rich and forever growing market. With consumers daily spoilt for choices on products, brand loyalty is something every business owner must work intrinsically hard to capture. With the launch of their newly designed product range we are certain of the success of the brand and eventually retailing in high street chain supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco and Aldi


    S&T Foods


    Art Direction, Copywriting, Photography, Marketing Promotional Materials, Website, Print Outsourcing, Brand Creation

Enchanting designs

We created very bold and enchanting designs for their Plantain Chips range. We worked closely with our affiliate photography studio Divine Concepts. Every aspect of the design process was very organic, well thought out and very original.

The Flour and Beans range

We worked closely with suppliers from China to assure quality control and to ensure bags conform to regulations and preserve the authentic taste of these products.

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